Posted by Bryan PritchettAug 12, 20220 Comments

Why does it take so long to get my case settled? And where is my weekly check?

We are dealing with an unprecedented time in Worker's Compensation claims in the United States. Adjusters and insurance companies are being handed more cases than they sometimes are able to handle, which means many claims slip through the cracks leaving injured workers with inconsistent payment schedules. Insurance companies also tend to hold onto their money when the economy changes, making it harder for them to put money towards settlement. As we enter into a possible recession, or at least something that signals a trend toward stagnation in the economy (y'all, I took Econ in high school last century, but I do listen to NPR), look to institutions to hold their money closer than in the recent past. That is no excuse for an insurance company to stop paying weekly checks when they are supposed to pay them, and we spend a lot of our time chasing down those weekly checks. Add to that the difficulty in getting the Judges involved in payment of weekly benefits, and we have a recipe for missing money in our clients' bank accounts.

Also, insurance companies set the amount for which they settle cases based on their yearly budgets. That is why we take the time to maximize the value and potential recovery in any and every claim. Absent extenuating circumstances, we only send demands when the case is ready to settle, and we try to get as much money as possible for our clients. Sometimes it does take longer than normal to get settlement authority from certain insurance companies. But each case is different, and each adjuster handles their files differently.

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