What's my case worth?

Posted by Bryan PritchettAug 03, 20220 Comments

"How much can I get?"--This is the question I am asked the most, and I appreciate each time it is asked because it starts a discussion about the goals in any claim. It's impossible at the beginning of a claim to give anyone a number and be honest about it, so when any attorney tells you he or she can give you a case value like that please ask for lottery numbers as well. 

We aren't mind readers, but with my 22 years of experience as both a defense attorney and a plaintiffs' attorney, I can give you a pretty good estimate as to what the value might be. Over the years (wow, decades), I have learned that every case is different and what might seem like a small note from a doctor in a report can lead to a denial of treatment and a request to suspend benefits. My firm works with literally hundreds of doctors across the state of Georgia, and these relationships have been cultivated over time to ensure that when I send a client to a doctor, I can trust that my client will get the best care available. 

Call us or send an email or a text to set up an appointment. I can even come visit you to sit down to discuss your claim and look at your medical records. Consultations are free, and remember, you don't pay unless we get you money. That's the beauty of the system and it guarantees that attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis are always fighting for as much as possible. The more you get, the more we make.

Don't hesitate to reach out and sit down with us to discuss your claim. We can meet in my office in downtown Chamblee, just inside I-285 off Peachtree Road, or we can discuss it over Zoom. 

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