What if My Employer Doesn't Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Posted by Bryan PritchettAug 08, 20220 Comments

What if the company I work for does not have Worker's Compensation insurance? Many times we find that our clients work for companies that violate state law by not having an active Worker's Compensation insurance policy. Even if there is no insurance, as long as your case is a valid Worker's Compensation claim, you can pursue it against the uninsured employer. In Georgia, Worker's Compensation is the "exclusive remedy" for anyone hurt on the job, absent a third-party cause of injury. That means if you get hurt at work, Worker's Compensation is more than likely your only avenue of recovery. But if your employer does not have a valid policy, your claim is still valid. In fact, we have had great success in settling "uninsured employer" claims over the years.

That is why we thoroughly investigate all claims to make sure there really is no insurance coverage. Sometimes our investigation uncovers that the company that hired your employer as a contractor has a policy. In those situations, there may be the chance to get recovery from the company that hired your employer, but that is a much longer blog post. Don't delay in contacting us or another firm to start investigating coverage. In construction cases, especially, the builders will move on to the next job quickly to avoid being found after an accident. 

The most important thing to understand is that at Pritchett Firm, PC, we don't stop until we get to the bottom of the insurance coverage issue. Call us today at 404-962-0010 for your free consultation. You don't pay a penny until we win.