Do I get recovery money for my pain and suffering in a Workers’ Compensation case?

Posted by Bryan PritchettSep 21, 20220 Comments

Unfortunately for me and my clients, pain and suffering is not a component of any Worker's Compensation claim in Georgia. The way I explain it is that if we could recover for pain and suffering, the insurance companies would all go out of business because every Worker's Compensation claim involves pain and suffering. There is never a valid claim without pain and suffering. Not only are you unable to work, you also are receiving 2/3 of your weekly wages while you're unable to work. Also, the medical treatment you receive is from an approved doctor that answers to the insurance company in some cases. Lastly, your employer and insurance company are continuously trying to devise ways to reduce or end your benefits.

The entire claim is a time of pain and suffering. This is why I recommend that anyone who has a case in Georgia hire an attorney. I am the gatekeeper to protect you from the machinations of the insurance company and their attorneys. We protect you from what they try to do to reduce or end your benefits. Sometimes the benefits can get reduced as an operation of law. With an attorney protecting you, they can try to stop the reduction or minimize the amount of damage done.

Consult an attorney as soon as practical if you have been injured in an accident. While we can't stop the pain and suffering, we can minimize the damage that can be inflicted by the insurance company.