Are undocumented workers covered for Georgia workers’ compensation benefits?

Posted by Bryan PritchettSep 14, 20220 Comments

Absolutely! If you are working for an employer in Georgia that is subject to the workers' compensation act, you suffer an injury that arises out of and occurs during the course and scope of your employment, and you can prove that you are an employee of that company, it doesn't matter if you were from the planet Saturn or born in Marietta, Georgia. The only time a claimant's immigration status becomes a matter of fact for any Worker's Compensation case is when the employer offers what is considered a suitable light duty job to which the injured worker can return. This has to be approved by the authorized treating physician and must be an actual position with a company, not something made up by the insurance company to take away benefits from an injured worker. When I interview new clients, I never ask about your immigration as a part of the intake. If I need to know, I will explain why I need to know. But as long as you can prove that you were hurt working at a job in the state and that you have suffered a work-related injury doing that work, then let's fight for your benefits.